Crafting beautiful, functional edible gardens.

Process Overview

After contacting That Garden Guy, the process of creating functional landscaping can be broken down into three phases: project understanding, design & construction, and maintenance. As hands on or hands off as the client would like - offering educational opportunities and teachable moments and general maintenance packages. TGG also works on smaller scale projects and can make you Pinterest dreams a reality. Contact TGG today to learn more. 


I. Project Understanding

In this step, I meet with the client initially and establish a relationship. We discuss the project at length and TGG provides consultation and evaluation of the property. The client’s goals and wishes are reviewed and understood. In addition, the site is analyzed to take into account the existing footprint and structures, desired additions, property boundaries, etc.

TGG evaluates the site to better understand topography, soil profile, existing plants, views, adjacent structures and use patterns. If needed, measurements are taken and the collective information drives the choice and placement of edible plants and conceptual hard scape structures. 

Aesthetics, maintenance and budget are all brought into consideration.


II. Design (& Construction) Phase

Using the base consultation and evaluation information gathered during Step I, TGG creates initial design plan(s) that best express the client’s landscaping wants and needs. The landscape design is presented to the client, and a final conceptual design is reached and agreed upon by all parties. Finalized ideas are created for reference throughout the project. Quotes are presented and agreed upon.

During the construction phase (if necessary), all moving parts of the project are organized by TGG. First, the hardscaping process begins, and any raised garden bed structures begin to take form. Once the shape of the beds have been established, the plants are laid out to achieve the desired aesthetic while maximizing productivity.

Alternately, plantings may take place within the existing structural layout.

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III. Maintenance

That Garden Guy is available for maintenance as needed. You can schedule him for yearly, quarterly or weekly maintenance or call on an as-needed basis. Scheduled maintenance assures that your edible garden is as productive as possible, leaving you to reap the benefits of your home-grown, sustainable, heirloom herbs and vegetables. 



In partnership with Feed & Seed, TGG consults with farmers to help them improve restaurant-specific varieties and practices to maximize those relationships, and minimize stress. Want to improve your existing home garden? We can help there, too!




Commercial Gardens


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Crafting Professional Sustainability

  • Fully managed “community garden” including harvest and packing for the HOA/church/new development model
  • Companies wanting health benefit for employees
  • Functional edible landscaping fit to your unique site differentiates your location from the standard ornamental approach
  • Our balance of aesthetics and productivity provides dual return to your maintenance budget



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Restaurant Gardens


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Farm To Table At Its Peak

  • Providing fresh, flavorful, unique and heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs
  • Unique grow sites produce food anywhere (rooftop, containers, inside or out); and always with a keen aesthetic
  • No project too small or too big
  • Ornamental landscaping converted to edibles with attractive, cost-saving vegetables/herbs
  • There is nothing more farm-to-table than picking veggies out your kitchen door
  • Supplemental specialty herbs and produce available from production gardens at That Garden Guy Farm Base for restaurant purchase


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Residential Gardens


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An Edible Garden In Your Backyard

  • Costly and chemically-dependent lawns become beautiful, productive gardens
  • Clients love co-creating edible designs into their existing aesthetic and landscape
  • All season gardens, even winter edibles, add beauty and nutrition to your yard
  • Family time in the garden, preparing meals and serving guests, becomes more special
  • Educating kids, neighbors (and selves) with new varieties, uses, and their origins
  • Knowing the ingredients of your food has never been simpler!
  • Culinary options for your bounty is always at your disposal, just ask for recipes
  • Hands on or hand off. You decide if you want to garden, or have us do all the work, we’ll even pick and pack for your kitchen!


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